Wedding Invites


Since I’ve started my job in DC, I haven’t really had time to keep up with side projects. So since I had a 3 day weekend, I decided to just sit down and create something. I’ve never done wedding invitations before, not my cup of tea, but I wanted to give myself some sort of challenge. Not that wedding invitations are hard, but you have to think of how many people are going to be seeing these so more pressure seems to be involved. Even though I”m not doing these for someone, I still put myself in that mind set. The images you see is what I came up with, and I’m very pleased with them. Most wedding invitations have way too much information on them, so I wanted to make these as simple as possible, but still get the message across. I needed this creative session, and hopefully in the future I will find more time to do this sort of thing.


Things I’ve Learned Since…

Things I’ve learned since moving to Virginia.

I’ve been in Virginia for two months now, and over this period I’ve learned many things about myself, life, and other things. I decided to start a list. I hope to continue this list as I grow. Some of these things I believe I already knew, but it took a move away from home to realize it and embrace it. Enjoy!

-God has been and will always be by my side

-My mind can’t focus; I always have something going on inside

-I’m not as scared of the world as I thought I was

-I can take a huge leap of faith

-Strangers aren’t that bad; they’re kind and helpful

-My family has and will always love and support me

-The metro rail system is AMAZING

-Toll roads are ridiculous

-Friends are great; new friends are great

-Positive attitudes can get you a long way

-I can leave the bedroom door unlocked; personal fear

-I’ve lied to people throughout my life. I’m human. Everyone has

-I’ve grown mentally, spiritually, and emotionally

-Vegetarian food isn’t that bad

-Don’t cry in public. Wait until the car ride home

-No billboards+near sighted=plenty of U-turns

-Only fools drive into downtown D.C.

-Virginia drivers=reckless and impatient

-I am strong

-I know how my aunt felt when I was growing up and not being able to see her nieces or nephews

-Business casual here is business wear in Tennessee

-I make better designs for others than for myself; more motivated

-I continue to grow

-I’m a left-handed, right brain thinker, a creative mind

My Love For Simplicity


I recently bought the cd “Young Love” by Mat Kearney. I have to confess, the only reason I bought this was because I loved the cover, not because of the music. First time I’ve ever done that, and I’m happy that I did. Of course I’ve fallen in love with every song, but that’s not the point. The cover is so simple. 2 colors, and great typography. What more do you need. I’ve always been the type of designer that enjoys simplicity, and I just wanted to share this beautiful design. ENJOY, and enjoy the music as well!

Not From Around Here

I’ve been in Virginia for a little over a week now, and I’m still trying to get used to the area along with the insane amount of traffic. I thought Tennessee traffic specifically in Chattanooga was horrible, boy was I wrong! It’s almost scary the amount of traffic that can be seen in only minutes. I’m from a very small part of Tennessee known as Paint Rock, and on a busy day you see 3 cars drive by. My new home in Virginia, you see 3 cars in 10 seconds. Insane!

Anyways back to the point I’m trying to make (I think). Oh yeah, I’ve basically been a tourist since I have gotten here. Each day I’ve taken off and driven in a different direction to familiarize myself with the area. Today I went into the small town of Purcellville. Not much there expect a grocery store, drug store, a gas station, and of course a McDonald’s (because every town has to have those) *sarcasm* I went into this grocery store and what did I discover something any graphic designer would thoroughly enjoy. A grocery cart that also functioned as a map of the store. Genius! I’ve never seen anything like this. I’m sure this makes me sound like I don’t get out much, but that’s not the case. I was just very impressed by the overall idea and functionality. This was perfect especially for someone who isn’t familiar with the store. I knew exactly what I was looking for and because of this one little item, I was in and out of the grocery store within 5 minutes. Very impressed!

As a graphic designer, I personally enjoy creating work that makes it enjoyable for the viewer. Whether it’s the smallest detail such as a map on a grocery cart or the largest detail such as the stores look and feel. A good designer considers every aspect of the design and task that they are given.



Dyslexie is a typeface…for dyslectics.


DEFINITION – The word dyslexia is derived from the Greek word, dys, meaning poor or inadequate, and the word lexis, meaning words or language. Dyslexia is a learning disorder characterized by problems in processing words into meaningful information. This is most strongly reflected in difficulty in learning to read. source:

I’ve had dyslexia since I was a kid. I know several people that use the disorder as a crutch, but I’ve learned to embrace it. It’s who I am. I’m not going to let a learning disorder hold me back from pursuing my dreams and my passion of graphic design. In the world of graphic design, letters and fonts are used in almost every design that is made, and while some of the words get jumbled up I see it as an opportunity to create some unique shape. It’s a part of me, and I have to live with it.

I recently came across this video about a typeface created for people with dyslexia, and was created by someone who has dyslexia. I found it very inspiring, and it just proves that you can do anything you set your mind to. Check out the video here: